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INON S-2000 Strobe


INON S-2000 Strobe

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INON Z Joint
INON Z Adapter MV
INON Direct Base III

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The S-2000 is a dual use underwater/land S-TTL Auto Strobe with 20 Guide Number (Air ISO/100).

  • Same high-performance(high power/fast recycle-time) as 4xAA battery operated S-2000 strobe in super compact body.
  • Full automatic exposure control (S-TTL Auto) with compatible digital cameras.
  • Wireless connection capability in synch with camera’s built-in flash without fiber optics.
  • 12 step manual flash output
  • Advanced Cancel Circuit for manual flash mode to accommodate with 1~2 pre-flash type digital camera to support simple operation.
  • Clear Photo System compatible