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Weefine Close-up lens +6


WeeFine Underwater Close-up lens +6 with M67

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Weefine Close-up lens + 6


  • Lens construction: 4 elements, 3 groups
  • Compatible Camera (up to): Sensor Size: 36mm x 24mm (135 Full Frame)
  • Camera Lens: 60mm-105mm
  • Dioptre (underwater focal length): +6 (166.67mm)
  • Working distance: 80mm – 160mm. (from 1st lens surface)
  • Max. Magnification: x 1.5 (Area Ratio x2.25) with 105mm. F2.8 macro lens
  • Glass: optical glass
  • Coating: multi-layer BBAR coating
  • Lens barrel: Aluminium with type II anodizing
  • Mounting: M67
  • Dimension: Ø72 x 54mm.
  • Weight: 367gr. in air / 212gr. under water
  • Depth rate: 60m (197 ft)